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What Bingham Ridge Residents Are Saying.................

We are very pleased with the quality of our home and the quality of the neighborhood.  Our home is very well constructed and has custom features I would normally expect to see in much more expensive homes. The tightness of the construction, coupled with the passive solar design and the active solar arrays on our roof, has resulted in very low heating/air conditioning bills for us. We probably average about $75 a month on an annual basis for 2,800 square feet.
We also enjoy the neighborhood, which I believe is good for families and retirees.  It is a true neighborhood, great for walking and seeing your neighbors, yet with the individual acreage that preserves privacy.  We also appreciate the low cost and conveniences of Chatham County.
Ed and Connie McCraw

While there is a level of social responsibility associated with living in a green home, the bottom line issue is cost effectiveness. The arrival of the monthly electric bill is a non-event. During the hottest summer months and the coldest winter months, my bill is regularly under $100 for heating and cooling 3,100 square feet with absolutely no sacrifice in the level of personal indoor comfort. And the immediate rebate of $2,100 to purchase my energy credits by Progress Energy has essentially covered that bill for two full years. In a world where energy prices are destined to rise, probably substantially, I have the longer term advantage of being able to generate a meaningful percentage of my own energy needs for the next 10-15 years at a fixed initial cost…plus the immediate write off on my federal and state taxes. It’s a equation that makes $ense!
Curt Robbins

I could brag about saving energy and money, but the best part about my house is that my friends and family like coming to visit. It's a comfortable, no-hassle place to be.
Neil Caudle

Everything about our solar home is economical, which in retirement is wonderful.  
We have a quiet panoramic forest view that we share with the bluebirds, finches, and turtle doves..
Roy and Beverly Milton

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